Thursday, November 11, 2010

M & M Treat Bags

These are some of the M&M treat bags that I made last week for a craft fair.  These have been the rage on SCS recently and here is the thread--Click Here.  

The bags are from here G.T. Bag and the one I used is 1x8.  Here is a link to Angela's blog, which has a good tutorial on how to make them--Stix

I made 38 Thanksgiving ones with an older Hero Arts turkey stamp.  There are only 7 Christmas ones as that is all of the red and green M&M's I had on hand.  The blue ones have a snowflake tag.  I will start to look for the Christmas bags in the stores to hopefully make more of the Christmas ones.  There are three craft fairs this weekend that they are being sold at--the best news on Monday would be that they are all gone.

They are fun to make, but kind of tricky in getting the first one to lie flat in the bag--be sure to use the funnel that Angela shows for filling.  For the topper, use any type of tags.  I used large pop dots to hold the tags to the flap.  Some people have said the adhesive of the flap does not stay, so be sure to staple it and cover the staple with the tag.  I did not staple, but used a few pop dots to hold the tag, making sure one is one was on the fold of the flap.  The dots that I used are 3/4 or an inch and work great.  You will need 25 of the treats to fill each bag. 

I hope you try these and let me know what you think!