Monday, December 31, 2018

Look Out 2019!

Happy New Year's Eve!  This is the day in the past where I have posted my Year in Review.  However, this year, for many of the earlier months, many photos of my cards are not showing in their posts--just a box that looks like this:  

Some time this past summer, I deleted many pictures and files in my Google account.  When I did that, I did not realize that the photos of the cards posted on my blog would also be deleted. Insert sad face here.............  I still have many pictures of my cards saved on my computer, but I am not looking back in the past as a new year is coming tomorrow!  And, 2019 is going to be a year of changes for me--a year of purpose--a year of goals!

First--I have set a goal to do a card a week--for 52 weeks--with a preset challenge for each month.  I picked some themes from the Challenge thread on Splitcoast Stampers.  Since there are not 12 challenge forums, I added a few themes of my own.  Each Tuesday, I will post a card that fits the theme of the monthly challenge from below:

January ~~ Fancy Fold card
February ~~ Use a Sketch from SCS
March ~~ Use the weekly Alphabet Challenge from SCS
April ~~ Make a CAS--Clean and Simple card
May ~~ Use Embossing on a card
June ~~ Use a new Technique for a card
July ~~ Make a Christmas Card
August ~~ Use a SCS Color Combo
September ~~ Make a CASE Card of SCS Featured Stamper
October ~~ Masculine Card
November ~~ Use only Die-cuts on a card
December ~~ Make a card for any Holiday

Every Tuesday, I will post a card that fits the theme for the month.  Tomorrow, is January 1st, and a Tuesday, so come back to see card #1 of 52!

I have few other goals for 2019--a year of purpose for me.  A week or so ago, I deleted a few games on my phone--like Candy Crush and Gummy Drop. Yes, I was hooked on them and mindlessly played them often during the day.  The only game left on my phone is Trivia Crack, as I think that is not mindless and makes me think!  I plan to spend more time reading--using my Nook app or some of the many books I have.  I completed the Michelle Obama book Becoming while on my trip to San Antonio two weeks ago for the National High School AD Conference, in less than a week. It was also a very inspiring book for me and made me think a bit more about goals and achievements and purpose and aspirations and all those kinds of words............  I do not have a specific goal as to a number of books to read, but I will spend more time with my face in a book!  

And lastly, I am going to get my sewing machine out of the corner and placed on a table, in full view!  I took a beginning quilting class a few years ago and have done little since then--other than buy quite a few kits and projects!  So--I also have a goal to work on some of those quilting projects and complete a few this year. I have quilts and table runners and wall hangings--all in plastic bins, waiting to be used!   Again, I do not have a set goal of how many projects to complete, but my sewing machine will be out in the family room, looking at me each time I am in the lower level.  It will be used!

I guess I have three goals for 2019 and I plan to work hard on each one to be more purposeful for the new year.  I am not calling them resolutions---they are goals to be a better person in 2019.  I will challenge myself to be more creative in my cards as well as create some quilted beauties to display or give to others.  I will also read more of the books that I have purchased in the past and put a self-imposed moratorium from buying any new ones.........  That goes for quilt projects AND books!  I know I cannot impose that on my stamping supplies--but I will definitely use more of the ones I have!

I hope you will travel along with me on this journey in 2019--and it starts tomorrow.  Come back to see my Fancy Fold Card for January!


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Go Barb! I love your goals and your plans for 2019. I'll be stalking you every Tuesday, for sure!

MiamiKel said...

Barb - terrific goals! It looks like you have a full 2019 ahead! I’m sorry about your pictures :( can’t wait to see card #1!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great road map for 2019. One of my goals is to read/ review more of the books I receive through various venues. I, too, have fabric like you would not believe - ok, maybe YOU would LOL. I want to get some of those projects done. I've started an unfinished objects list to see what I can work on. Stop hoarding Start making!
I hope to participate in your challenge. Creative Blessings!

kiwimeskreations said...

Well done Barb - those are great goals. I too can waste time on games - mainly card games, and I am also thinking of taking them off my phone... I will have to get my SIL to do it for me!